Tools & Experimental Research (TER) Managers

All of our TER Managers are listed below!

The 2018-2019 TER managers.

Sriram Bharadwaj

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Sriram is a second-year physics and math major. He is interested in areas of theoretical physics that are closely related to mathematics, particularly geometry. He is currently studying is differential geometry and its applications to Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechanics. He enjoys listening to music and play guitar in his spare time.

Project: High Speed Camera for Plasma Lab with Raspberry Pi

PJ Smigliani

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PJ is a third year physics major who also plays Ice Hockey for the UCLA club team.  He spends his time playing video games, programming, and hanging with friends.

Project: Elementary Particle Detection

Helena Huang


Helena is a senior physics major at UCLA. She is working in Prof. Mehta’s lab on improving the setup for spatial navigation experiments in virtual reality. She loves Taekwondo, but is currently a harmless and easygoing green belt.

Project: PID with Microcontroller

Alexander Tolstov

Alexander is a sophomore Physics major who enjoys playing video games, reading science fiction novels, and spending time at the beach.


Project: Pilot Waves

Ahmad Bosset Ali (goes by Bosset)

Bosset is a Senior Physics major at UCLA, whose personal interests include running, reading, and video games. He is interested the physics involving the properties of quantum and macro structures, and the philosophical questions that arise from Quantum Mechanics.


Project: TBD