Previous Projects

Here is Upsilon Lab’s history of completed projects. If you are a potential manager and have come here for inspiration, feel free to check out our list of Pending Projects as well!

modeling quantum systems with machine learning with joshua wong, daniel levi-minzi, and zooey nguyen

Raspberry Pi for High-Altitude Balloon Applications with trey knudsen

waves and waveguides with jared rivera

computational methods for physics with suyash kumar

decoding brain signals with deep learning with william zhu

Simulation for Tracking Elementary Particles with Xiaohe Shen

solid state simulation with Prof. stuart brown and Ahmad Bosset Ali

Satellite Launching and Motion Simulation with suyash kumar

cyclotron motion simulation with jared rivera

Quantum Computer Noise Reduction with PROF. HONGWEN JIANG and Grant Mitts

high speed camera with Prof. Troy Carter and Chrystalla Havadjia

froot loop dispenser with Prof. Mayank Mehta and krish kabra

Elementary Particle Detection with Prof. Nathan Whitehorn, Jonathan Ho, and pj Smigliani

Efficient Electricity Generation with wynne turner, mercedeh Khazaieli, and siggi galam

lhc Data analysis with prof. Mayank Mehta and Mihai Bibireata

Solar analysis with kenny le, emma peavler, and the rea solar team

PID with Microcontroller with Krish kabra and Helena Huang

pilot waves with prof. seth putterman, Stefan Orosco, and alexander tolstov