High Speed Camera for Plasma Lab with Raspberry Pi

Sponsored by Prof. Troy Carter

Manager: Sriram Bharadwaj

Contact: sriramsekharbharadwaj@gmail.com

Applications: Closed

Learning Objectives: Experimental Design, Electronics, Engineering, C++

The plasma in LAPD is operated in pulsed mode, for about 10 ms duration once per second.  Remarkable physics happens on the time scale of 10 ms, so we need a camera that has a shutter speed in this ballpark, e.g. 10-100 us.  There are several available for over $1000. Instead, we want to look at cheap cameras available for use on a Raspberry Pi.  Some of them claim to go down to 50µs exposure time, but anything sub-millisecond would be useful, just the shorter the better. This team’s goal is to identify a camera suitable for this type of operation and operate it using a Raspberry Pi with C++.