PID w/ Microcontroller

Manager: Helena Huang, Krish Kabra


Learning Objectives: microcontrollers, electronics design, soldering

A Proportional-Integral-Differential (PID) controller is a device used to make educated guesses with a system’s history to predict its future and to control physical parameters using that knowledge. For example, most cars use PID controllers to control their speed – they look at the current speed, where it’s going (derivative) and where it’s been (integral). In this project, team members will design a car together, and learn how to program a microcontroller (MCU), specifically an Arduino development board which utilizes the ATmega328p, to control the movement of the car so that it maintains a certain distance with the object in front of it. This will include how to interpret signals from a distance sensor, how to store and manipulate data for PID control, and how to output a signal to control the motion of the car.