High Speed Camera with Raspberry Pi

Manager: Chrystalla Havadjia

Contact: chrystallagh@g.ucla.edu


Learning Objectives: Experimental Design, Electronics, Engineering

The plasma in LAPD is operated in pulsed mode, for about 10 ms duration once per second. Remarkable physics happens on the time scale of 10 ms, so we need a camera that has a shutter speed in this ballpark, e.g. 10-100 µs. There are several available for over $1000. Instead, we want to look at cheap cameras available for use on a Raspberry Pi. Some of them claim to go down to 50 µs exposure time, but anything sub-millisecond would be useful, just the shorter the better. This team’s goal is to identify a camera suitable for this type of operation and operate it using a Raspberry Pi with C++.