1B Requirement

Why do I need to be enrolled in Physics 1B or higher to join Upsilon Lab as a member?

Upsilon Lab Interest Form

This was a conscious decision when we founded Upsilon Lab. We want everyone to have a core understanding of at least basic mechanics, of course, but Physics 1A teaches so much more than just physics- it also starts to teach you how to learn physics, an essential skill all members will make use of during their time at Upsilon Lab.

If you took a Physics 1A (or entire 1-series) equivalent at another institution, this suffices as well, as long as you are still concurrently enrolled in Physics 1B or higher.

If you’re currently in 1A, we recommend filling out an interest form (to submit immediately) and a formal application (to submit after your final exam for 1A). This is important, since we read applications in the order we receive them.