Upsilon Lab is a department-sponsored organization at UCLA in the Physics & Astronomy Department. We are undergraduates in the department whose mission is to provide other physics, biophysics, and astrophysics majors the opportunity to learn valuable skills to succeed in their future endeavors, whether in research, engineering, or other fields.

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Project & Team Updates

Winter 2019 Has Started!

Upsilon Lab has returned commence operations for the quarter of Winter 2019.

Applications for members Winter 2019 are now open.

Please note that we have updated our enrollment policy such that we no longer require you to be enrolled Physics 1B. We now only require that you have the intention of majoring in Physics/Astrophysics/Biophysics. It is also highly recommended that you are at least enrolled in Physics 1A.

Our 2018-2019 Projects

Tools & Experimental Research (TER) Projects:

Theory & Simulation (TS) Projects:

The Spring 2018 Quarterly Report is now available!

It, along with our past Quarterly Reports, can be found on the Quarterly Reports page.

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